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Capiche Crowdfunding, Canada’s leading equity crowdfunding portal, is bridging the gap between innovative companies that need capital and investors looking for new opportunities.

When venture capital overlooks 99% of companies, how can early-stage companies secure the funding they truly need?

How can everyday investors gain access to the highly restrictive world of corporate investment?

Crowdfunding provides entrepreneurs a platform to launch their fundraiser and connect directly with a wide network of potential investors.

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Who Can Use Capiche Crowdfunding?

For Entrepreneurs:

If you're leading a startup or an early-stage venture with a Canadian headquarters, you may be eligible to raise up to $1.5 million over any 12-month period through Capiche Crowdfunding

For Investors:

Ever thought about investing in the next big thing? Now’s your chance. With as little as $100, you can now access investment opportunities that were previously only available to the ultra-wealthy

THE FUTURE, FUNDED: Connecting Capital with Vision

Every day Canadians now have greater access than ever before through equity crowdfunding to invest in startups and early-stage companies—unlocking access to capital to drive Canada’s economic growth on a large scale.

Greater Access

Participate in early-stage investment opportunities previously accessible only to institutional or high-net-worth individuals

Easy-to-use Platform

With a few clicks, our user-friendly crowdfunding platform allows companies to launch fundraising seamlessly and enables investors to support promising companies

Diverse Opportunities

Browse an array of companies across different sectors for the chance to diversify your portfolio with innovative startups

Why Does Capiche Crowdfunding Work?

Ownership and Influence

Through Capiche, investors gain a stake in innovative companies, enabling entrepreneurial vision to be realized

Empowerment through Investment

Investors directly contribute to the companies they align with, making them an integral part of their growth

Potential for High Returns

Gain early access to invest in growing companies, with the potential for significant returns

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